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protein-recovery-stackPROTEIN + RECOVERY STACK + TURBO SHAKER! RRP: £139.75 (Stack Price: £90.00)

Extreme Protein and Recovery Stack – The perfect stack for your morning, post workout and bedtime protein and recovery needs.

In the last few years peoples knowledge of nutrient timing has massively increased and with the increase there has been a flurry of different “designer” supplements to help satisfy the demand for that perfect body.

At Extreme Nutrition we’ve always known about time released products and the importance of having multiple protein sources in your products, we were one of the first companies with a protein blend (Extreme Protein) and one of the first manufacturers to offer a blend and a whey product.

Our old Performance Whey was a great product which we have upgraded into Extreme Whey, giving it a higher protein content and lower carbs. But even in this we have made a blend using 2 different whey concentrates and an isolate, this is designed to stagger the rate at which the protein hits your bloodstream.

The “Protein & Recovery Pack” gives you Extreme Whey for first thing in the morning so the protein gets into your system quickly, Extreme Build & Recover for after training to ensure all the muscle building nutrients get to your muscles as quickly as possible after a workout and Extreme Pro-6 for bedtime so that its 6 hour release time keeps you anabolic as you sleep.

We can’t make it any easier than this!


Turbo Shaker RRP: £9.95

Extreme Whey 908g. RRP: £32.95

Extreme Pro-6 908g RRP: £32.95

Build & Recover 1.44kg. RRP : £37.95

BCA-311 (240x500mg capsules) RRP : £24.95